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But while they’re useful as rough guidelines for day-to-day financial decisions on saving, investing and retirement, rules of thumb often oversimplify complex issues in ways that can harm long.

After writing retirement housing Decisions and getting a ton of GREAT suggestions (thank you!) I decided to ask the Wise Sage of All Knowledge what they.

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There are many important decisions you need to make in the year you retire. (Getty Images) Many workers face a dilemma very close to their planned retirement date. They want to keep working and saving.

Married couples should coordinate their Social Security claiming decisions. Married couples have Social Security claiming options that single people don’t..

After spending a lifetime saving money, it can feel unsettling to begin pulling cash from accounts that were previously off-limits. (Getty Images) Most seniors aren’t living large in retirement..

Three climate change experts told us why they’re still saving for retirement despite gloomy prospects for the planet..

After writing Retirement Housing Decisions and getting a ton of GREAT suggestions (thank you!) I decided to ask the Wise Sage of All.

Could you reduce your spending as an acceptable price to pay for your retirement freedom? That might be necessary, since most boomers haven’t saved enough money to retire full time at age 65 under.

Retirement Housing: Size and Price Gary Silverman column. While that part of the decisions process was going on, there was the question of budget.. I can add to that the money saved by not.

Minority members’ work experiences lead to retirement options and decisions that differ from the white population. These include:. Most newer planned retirement communities come about when a developer builds and sells houses to healthy active retirees. These communities supply health services, shopping centers, and recreation facilities.

John from ESI Money set a retirement number of $4 million dollars and walked away from his career at age 52. He achieved executive status and was a President of a company by the time he walked away. We talk to John about real estate, career, life advice for his kids, and what he would [.]

How much money do you really need to retire? Do you know the ins and outs of your pension (if you’re lucky enough to have one)?. "You cannot borrow for your retirement living," says Joe Ready.

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