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Is it time to seriously consider arming school teachers?

Any plan to arm teachers isn’t going to be up and running for at least a year, and if only a small percentage of teachers go through the training, it’s not going to have the effect you imagine. The shooter takes out a class, then the next before the armed teacher has time to move to a position where he or she can engage the shooter.

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 · The Trump administration on Sunday night proposed providing some school personnel with "rigorous" firearms training and backed a bill to improve criminal background checks on gun buyers, but.

A warning to potential shooters: These schools are armed. Armed teachers a norm in West Texas town. comfort at a time when the idea of a school shooting seems "always a possibility.". undergo a psychological exam to be considered for the job – receive 80 hours of. This is treated very seriously.".

Thursday’s Smart Talk features a discussion of a proposal to allow teachers to arm themselves as protection against school intruders. Also, the latest on efforts to charge non-hunters for using.

Arming teachers will only make US school shootings worse. Let's examine the evidence for the efficacy of such an idea.. In high-gun countries, the risks of escalation to more serious and lethal violence are higher.. Unless something radically changes some time soon, Americans just have to live with.

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It all started when my two tween daughters came home from middle school. time to collect factual evidence to reveal if the.

On Tuesday a committee will consider the SAFER act, which requires insurance companies. Lawmakers consider bill that opens door to arming teachers, school staff. "I really don't feel this bill, as written, takes that away.. on Federal and State Affairs, but at the time of publication, none had responded.

Consider this – all school mass killings tend to have one common factor: they all take place in "gun-free" school zones. At Columbine High School, the Amish School, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Sandy Hook elementary, and Marjory stoneman douglas high school massacres, guns were not allowed by law. Yet the mass murders still happened.

“It’s time. teachers to be educators, counselors, psychologists, guidance counselors, even family therapists sometimes and now we’re going to add personal security agents to that?” In Enfield,